About us!


            The Redemptorist Formation Community (RFC), located in Davao City, Philippines, is a student community comprised of professed Redemptorist students within the Asia-Oceania region (including Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Sri-Lanka, & Papua New Guinea).

            The students undergo their theological formation either for brotherhood or priesthood in the St. Alphonsus Theological and Mission Institute (SATMI), which is located within the same compound.          

RFC aims to form Redemptorist Missionaries that are well rounded in all aspects of life, be it in the area of human, spirituality, community, academics or pastoral. It encourages a vibrant and respectful exchange of cultures and tradition and constantly challenges all to reflect on our way of life which could best bring out the message of fullness of redemption to those we come into contact with, especially the poor and the abandoned.

Contact us: Redemptorist Formation Community, Bajada, Davao City 8000, Philippines.

Telephone: +63 227-6647

Facebook : Redemptorist Formation Asia Oceania


selective photo of teal cross decor
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

3 thoughts on “About us!

  1. This is from Scalanews, Rome. If you have any upcoming major programs in the formation or Parish, such as feasts of mother of perpetual help or, an ordination of CSsR confreres or others then feel free to send us a small write up with the photographs ..so that we can publsih them in the official web of the congregation worldwide. thanks you

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