Practice what you Preach

Last November 3, 2017, Redemptorist Formation Community celebrated with joy the ordination of six of our brothers to the order of the diaconate. Brothers Mark Anthony Benedicto, Allan Edward Pandaan, Christopher L. Sta. Ana from the Redemptorist Vice- Province of Manila and Brothers Yusuf Frenademetz ‘Rafi’ Uran, Yohanis Umbu ‘Oan’ Rebu and Firminus ‘Allan’ Aloy Kuda Hewen from the Redemptorist Province of Indonesia received the gift of ordination. The Archbishop of Davao Romulo Valles, DD graced the celebration. It is always an annual momentous event here in the formation community wherein we are reminded that, indeed, the challenges we faced are not put to vain. The archbishop, in his homily, stressed the challenging lifestyle of choosing the religious and priestly vocation not only for those who are aspiring but together with those who shared in such journey, the formators, family and friends.

The celebration was themed ‘to live in a manner worthy of the call we received from Jesus Christ, the Redeemer’ drawing from Ephesians 4:1. This beautifully responded to the admonition of the bishop during the rite which is ‘to believe what they read, teach what they believe and practice what they preach.’ The bishop implored that diaconate is not simply a stepping stone to priesthood but it has a distinct and important role in the Church. He urge that the best way to live out such ministry is through the example of their lives. Thus, he added the importance of praying for the newly ordained deacons with their significant role in the growth of Christian faith.

Thus, we pray that our six new deacons be ever blessed by God who in our unworthiness made us worthy. There is a prayer within the rite which goes ‘may God who has begun the good work in you bring it to fulfillment.’ The prayer looks forward to the years that lie ahead. This is our prayer for them and also for all of us that everyday we may practice what we believe in.


About the Author:

Brother Ronald “Nosi” Balgado, C.Ss.R. (Vice-Province of Manila)


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