New Year! New Day! New Hope!

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The last year 2016 there were many circumstances that had happened in my life.  Some were good memories that I want to keep in my mind, at the same time, there were some memories that I want to erase and pray that it will never happen again. Every year, I am growing and learning more about myself together with other people whom I journeyed with. There are many things that I now realize and there are some that I understand by the help of others. This New Year is a good year, with the hope that there will be many good things that will happen and I look forward to exploring more about the world in which I need to see.

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     Every day is a new day.  I am learning every day with my life in order to understand myself more. Normally I will not let any bad attitude to disturb my thoughts because yesterday is already done. I cannot go back and fix it bearing in mind that I still have today and tomorrow. I see my yesterday as my big library that every time I have problems in my life I will go back to some shelf and look for the book of experience that I can use in order to understand the many challenges that I have to face.

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     I strongly hope to know and understand more this year 2017. Life is a long process; I don’t see myself as an expert at some particular aspects of life. Every day is a new beginning for me. Life is full of surprises, no one knows, only God knows everything that will happen with me. All I have to do is to believe and trust that He will guide and protect me in every step of the way.

Happy New Year!


In this photo: Banky (Right), Fr. Prud (Center), James (Right)



About the Author:

Thanapong Sawangtummakul, CSsR is a Redemptorist Missionary from the Province of Thailand. He is now in his 2nd year Theological Studies. “Banky” as he is fondly called in the community is a multi-talented brother who loves music. He is also a superb cook best known for his signature Thai dishes.


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