“It’s the most wonderful time of the Year..!”


“It’s the most wonderful time of the year” as the popular christmas song goes.It is indeed the most wonderful time since it is only during Christmas that everyone is very generous to give something to his or her loved ones. The downpour of gifts and of hosting parties are almost everyhwere that you cannot help but count when will be the next reunion or gathering one will attend to. It is also the busiest time in the Church’s calendar since every faithful is preparing internally/externally for this season. It kicked off wth the preparation during Advent – wherein every faithful’s mood is also attuned with the lighting of candle – Waiting is the key term during this season.

RFC joins this celebration within the calendar of our Church. After the school break from SATMI, our brothers from different units of the Asia-Oceania spend their precious Christmas vacation across local houses of VP-Manila. Our Thai brothers took this opportune time to be immersed with the different apostolic engagements of the unit. Some were sent to the National Shrine in Baclaran others were engaged in the mission teams of Legaspi, Ilocos Region and Palawan areas. In the south our brothers from Cebu, Indonesia, Sri-Lanka and Vietnam also took this moment to nourish their pastoral formation  in the different apostolic engagements of Davao Mission and Formation Community. Our Cebu brothers joined the Mission team in Bukidnon while the rest were engaged in parish activities of Redemptorist Davao.

Christmas won’t be the same if one does spend it in a meaningful way. And for us in RFC celebrating Christmas will always have a touch of Missionary spirit!



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