Thoughts on Formation

The formation process of a seminarian is not like a fairy tale. It is not only touching someone’s mind but also it touches every aspect of his being in relation to his experience. A seminarian is not only shaped by sufficient knowledge and freedom to choose his way of life but also of the experience of family life from which he originated. For example, if he is an only child or the eldest son, he has a different internal struggle. There are some who face the responsibility of caring for their parents and siblings. Or some face the discernment between the love of service to the Church or to only one person.

These are just some of the realities that a seminarian encountered and must never be disregarded. There are many seminarians and priests who do not seriously treat this case. As a result, they stumble on this problem and jeopardize their vocation.

Beautiful words may be necessary but this cannot be served as the only solution. Witnessing of the vowed life is the best example especially with those involved in the formation. Seniors who are not only done with their formation but also as priests or formators are supposed to be the real examples. Unfortunately, these things I believe are usually realized by a seminarian, but less able to present it to the formators. Or sometimes formators realized it but has not seen as a top priority.

So, how should we address this? As a candidate for the priesthood, I believe we should focus on our courage to face the realities and be responsible.

Novirius Caesarius Tse, CSsR is a Redemptorist Missionary of the Province of Indonesia. Novri , as he is called in the community, has just professed his perpetual vows to the congregation last year 2015. Currently, he is preparing for his ordination to the diaconate which will be solemnized here in Our Mother of Perpetual Help Church, Davao City, Philippines.



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