We Redemptorist don’t say goodbye, We only say see you again….

Mark Anthony Benedicto, CSsR     (July 11, 2016)

“Never say goodbye because saying goodbye means going away

and going away means forgetting.”

-Peter Pan

Sometimes it’s really hard for us to say goodbye, especially to a person who became part and filled a role in our journey. But as a missionary and a Redemptorist, St. Alphonsus our founder would say that we should not be attached to anything that will hinder us in our mission, be ready  to respond to any work especially to those in need. It is our way of responding to the signs of the times.

Fr. David Ketsurin, CSsR was one of the prominent formator who gave himself for almost 6 years in the Redemptorist Formation Community in Davao. Within those years, he was being partnered with different formators. In every other year most of his co-formators were reassigned again to different units in the conference thus left him alone, but Fr. David continue to humbled himself and carry on with his mission, that is, to be part of the journey, struggles and growth of every student in Davao.  We can say that he had a unique approach in formation that is why he was loved by his students and became “famous” while enjoying his call and mission.

To show our love and gratitude to him, the RFC Council and the rest of the community, were gathered in our common room to offer Baici (a ritual of blessing from Laos) which is done through tying a holy thread into the wrist while offering and saying our prayers, blessings and thankfulness to the one whom we honored. As part of the ritual everyone offered Fr. David a drink which symbolizes our wishes for success in his missionary life and to celebrate all his good deeds. After saying the blessing and gratitude to Fr. David, the members of the community, including our senior professed, had a chance to bless and pray to each other through this ritual. And the celebration continued with fellowship while eating authentic Thai noodles prepared by our Thai confreres.

The farewell Party of Fr. David Ketsurin, CSsR last July was an event filled with mixed emotions and inspirations. I can say that the missionary life exemplifies that there is no permanent in this world and we are always ready to go out from our comfort zones. Through this kind of life we are given a chance to explore the world and share the love of God in every place that were assigned to. Farewell party is not only a venue to say goodbye to the person whom we honored but it is also a way to remember all the blessings that God has endowed us. As they say, people come and go in our journey but the experiences and learning will remain in order for us to treasure and reminisce until the time we meet again…

About the Author:

Mark Anthony Benedicto, CSsR is a Redemptorist from the Vice-Province of Manila. He is currently in his 4th Year of theological studies in SATMI and this year’s Vice-Caput of the RFC. He spent his immersion year last 2015 in the Democratic Republic of Laos and took his experience as the background of the “farewell ritual” for Fr. David.


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